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PAKS’D Sp. z o.o. is the certified distributor of Parker Hannifin products, which is the leading global producer of fluid drives and hydraulics controls, pneumatics and electromechanics with the widest assortment of elements and systems for industrial and mobile markets.

Our offer includes, among others:

  • industrial hydraulics- gear pumps and motors, paddle, piston, gearotor engine, -manifolds and valves controlled by flow and pressure, logic valves: controlled manually, hydraulically, electromagnetically and proportionally -servo valves, servo-proportional valves, controllers, – hydraulic cylinders, rotary cylinders, – diaphragm batteries, piston, bladder accumulators, – power supplies.
  • mobile hydraulics
    • pumps, motors, valves, manifolds,
    • mobile control systems HMI: programs, hardware platforms HMI-IQAN,
    • transmission systems: PTO, control box, adapters.
  • Fasteners (DIN,SAE) and hydraulic hoses;

The hydraulic couplings offered are available mostly from stock, metric, inch, NPT and UNF threads. Hydraulic couplings are available in different shapes, in variants with 24st, 37st, 60st cone or front seal. Hydraulic connectors are available in heavy, lightweight and very lightweight versions, allowing for use in almost any application, both when connecting hydraulic pipes and using flexible hydraulic hoses. Hydraulic couplings incorporating a locking ring made of special technology ensure tightness even in systems subject to strong vibrations.

  • Hydro-accumulators (Parker, OLAER),
  • Coolers (OLAER),
  • Hydraulic filters and filter aggregates,
  • Sealing: static (elastomer; two-component), dynamic (reciprocating motion, rotary, PTFE, metal,
  • Hydraulic pipes: black, galvanized, acid-resistant – on request.

Our offer also includes Denison pumps. These are extremely durable units, offered as piston or vane pumps. Denison pumps are available in a wide range of parameters such as operating pressure and performance. Denison’s other distinguishing feature, among other manufacturers, is their durability and reliability. Denison pumps have enjoyed great popularity among customers who have used these units in their machines and equipment for years.

We provide assistance and advice on a wide range of hydraulics and pneumatics, as well as services such as:

  • Crimping of hydraulic hoses.
  • Hydraulic accumulator charging,
  • Measurement of oil cleanness,
  • Filtration of hydraulic oil,
  • Hydraulic pipe systems,
  • Bending precision pipes for hydraulic systems,
  • Repair and regeneration of vane and piston gear pumps,
  • Repair and regeneration of hydraulic cylinders,
  • Hydraulics- design, service,
  • Diagnosis of hydraulic systems,
  • Design and manufacture of hydraulic blocks,
  • Repair of mechanical and hydraulic presses,
  • Modernization of press control systems to adapt them to current safety requirements,
  • Mobile Technical Service: House Doctor.

Crimped hydraulic hoses are characterized by high durability and long service life even in very difficult working conditions. Depending on the type, suitable hydraulic hoses can work in elevated temperatures, have improved abrasion resistance, and resistance to aggressive media. Our hydraulic hoses, contribute to lower maintenance costs (less hydraulic hose purchases, lower oil costs for leaks during hose breakage), and longer service life due to their long unrivaled service life.

We also have a mobile service vehicle that is able to reach the whole of Silesia and crimp the hydraulic line on the spot or perform, for example, measuring oil purity, hydraulic oil filtration or filling the hydraulic accumulator.

The Parker corporation includes such well known manufacturers as:

Acroloop; Lucifer; Atlas Cylinders; Miller Fluid Power; Balston; Page International; Bayside; Pioneer; Cabett Subsea; Pneutronics; Calzoni; Porter; Chelsea; Racor; Chomerics; Ross; Compumotor; Schrader Bellows; CTC; Sempress ; Daedal; Skinner; Denison; Sporlan; domnick hunter; STC; Ermeto; Sterling; Gold Ring; Taiyo; Greer; TexLoc; Gresen; Trilogy; IPS; Veriflo; Jet-Pipe; Watts Fluid Air

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