Our services

We meet the quality requirements of our Clients and the applicable international quality standards.

In order to meet the requirements and fully take care of the customer`s satisfaction, we carry out measurement at laboratories which have been comprehensively equipped for the testing of the geometry of the finished product.

The laboratories also perform a number of other tests and checks such as: checking the thickness of the coatings, surface roughness, material hardness or destructive strength tests.

We make measurements on coordinate measuring machines: WENZEL RS 1012 Plus, Mistral 1075 and DEA SpA GLOBAL S 09 20 08. Additionaly, the first of the machines is also equipped with a scanning head, so that the measurements can be made either through direct contact or without contact. We control the quality of not only the products we manufacture, but also the materials which we receive. All this is to ensure that the customer receives a fully valuable and high quality product. Strength tests are carried out for both compression and stretching for the QUASAR 100 machine located in the testing laboratory in Rajsko. Such tests are subjected to processed materials as well as riveted and welded joints in the manufactured parts.

We work in line with international quality standards:

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