Hydraulics for power – design and implementation

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Parker’s hydraulic cylinders allow for almost any application, guaranteeing reliable and safe operation of the machine. In addition, due to the high quality seals installed in them, the Parker hydraulic cylinders feature and distinguish a very long working life, guaranteeing a reduction in the cost of frequent replacements and minimizing oil leaks. Hydraulic cylinders can be ordered in different configurations such as cylinder diameter, stroke, and depending on the type of mounting in the system (the same applies to servo drives). Hydraulic cylinders can be ordered even in special versions, where special features such as resistance to high ambient temperatures are required.

Hydraulic filters protecting against particularly sensitive proportional hydraulic valves and all solenoid valves requiring an appropriate class of oil purity should be indispensable for any hydraulic system. Parker offers include a very wide range of hydraulic filters to achieve the required oil purity parameters. Parker also offers filters for pneumatic systems, and for air-purifying equipment (in medicine and measurement technology) it supplies air dryers. Dehumidifiers are produced as adsorption and refrigeration. The Hiross Zander brand belonging to Parker Group is undoubtedly an unquestioned leader in this industry.

Pneumatic elements are also a strong position, which is constantly being developed by Parker. These include high-performance hydraulic valves and pneumatic servomotors which are highly valued by our customers. Due to the wide range of production, it is possible to use our pneumatic valves even in the most demanding applications. In turn, the availability of coils at all possible voltages makes Parker’s pneumatic valves widely used in machines manufactured worldwide.

Parker also offers pneumatic fasteners. These include pneumatic connectors and pneumatic wires, which are made of polyurethane, polyamide and even very durable Teflon. Thanks to the use of extremely functional pneumatic quick connectors it is possible to build any system based on our products. Parker pneumatic components have the necessary certificates for use in many industrial sectors, including the food industry.

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